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Call for candidates for the Chairing team of the 86th Board Meeting of the European Students’ Union 

Brussels, 29th of January 2024 

The ESU Executive Committee is opening a call for candidates to join the Chairing team of the upcoming Board Meeting (BM86). The Board Meeting is to be held in Geneva, Switzerland from 9th of May 2024 until 11th of May 2024. 

Candidates for the positions should fulfill the following requirements: 

● excellent knowledge of English and a good vocal projection; 

● good knowledge of ESU Statutes and Standing Orders and how an ESU Board Meeting is conducted; 

● experience in chairing large events; 

● strong multicultural communication skills and the ability to create a constructive working environment during the Board meeting; 

● good knowledge of ESU Gender Mainstreaming strategy, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, ESU’s Code of Conduct, and other tools to prevent discriminatory practice during the Board meetings; 

● willingness to cooperate with ESU in organising “BM for Beginners” 


● openness to become acquainted to operate a digital management system for motions (OpenSlides), amendments and other relevant 

General Assembly aspects 

● past attendance at ESU events and especially BMs is welcomed; 

All candidates need to be aware that the Chairing team will have to be completely neutral in the chairing and the discussions during the BM. Members of the Chairing team are not meant to participate in any content discussion nor take any stands on any points under discussion (unless when fulfilling the competencies of the Chairing team according to ESU statutes and standing orders). 

Based on the feedback received from the previous meetings and the expected workload for the individuals, it is suggested that the Chairing team rotates in their responsibility to conduct the meeting. This division is expected to be done internally between the members of the Chairing Team, including on minuting the Board proceedings. 

The Chairing team will be required to thoroughly prepare the conducting of the ESU Board Meeting through online meetings with the EC in order to pre-empt possible procedural challenges. During and after the BM they are also expected to ensure the correct and complete compiling of the documents of the meeting, if needed with the support of the EC and the Board. 

Members of the chairing team are expected to be present timely before BM sessions start in the morning, and prepared to concentrate on trustworthy conduct of the chairing responsibilities. The Chairing team is expected to arrive at the Board meeting 2 days in advance (7th of May 2024). All costs regarding participation (traveling, accommodation and meals) will be provided by ESU. A compensation of 200 euros per Chairing team member is foreseen. 

The Executive Committee encourages individuals of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and genders to apply. 

Application procedure 

If you are interested in taking part in chairing the Board Meeting, please send the following documents including your motivation, experience and accordance with the aforementioned requirements: 

Motivation Letter 

Curriculum Vitae 

The Executive Committee will make every effort to ensure that the selected team which it will suggest to the Board will reflect the gender balance, experience balance (less and more experience), and geographical balance. One of the essential features of candidates will be their distance from ESU, meaning the time since they left an ESU role or their current political relation to the organisation. 

Applicants are also required to accept the decision of the EC and be able to work with the selected team, once approved by the Board. Applicants are allowed to inform the EC about any preferences towards working with any other candidates; this will be treated only as a recommendation by the EC, as ultimately the Board will elect each member of the chairing team individually. 

Applications must be submitted in writing to the EC. Therefore, candidates shall send their full application (as attachments, links are not acceptable) by email to The deadline for submitting applications is 25th of February 23:59 CET. 

All application documents will be shared with all members of the Board through Google Drive. ESU will remove such documents from the drive once the election process is over. However, ESU has no control over the transfer of such information once it leaves ESU’s domains. 

Should any explanation or further details be needed, please feel free to contact 


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