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Birthday Wishes from EUA

Happy birthday ESU!

Several name changes and 25 years of age have made you and your members a strong voice for  students in Europe. Student involvement has never been so widely and generally accepted as it is today. So, although much remains to be done, it is fair to say that the European model of student involvement in higher education policy development and institutional governance at every level is something quite exceptional and an important element in the specific European dimension of higher education that we spend much time trying to define.

One of the most prominent examples of this is, of course, the Bologna Process where ESU, then ESIB, skilfully brought to the table early on the need for student involvement in the process, making the governments of Europe aware that successful reforms can only be achieved through stakeholder cooperation, including strong student involvement.

The recipe for this cooperation is mutual trust and confidence, based on a sharing of expertise and experience, that together help to build a common vision. EUA is very proud of its close cooperation and partnership with ESU in the many areas in which we share a common understanding of how the European Higher Education Area should be established and what its fundamental princples and pillars should be.

25 years is a wonderful age At 25, one has some experience but is still but is youthful and dynamic, as is demonstrated by ESU and its generations of talented student leaders from across Europe with whom it is, for us, a pleasure to be associated.

So, ‘Happy birthday ESU.’ – and a toast to further close cooperation, and to the next 25 years of building jointly a European Higher Education Area based on ideals, visions and dreams.

Lesley Wilson, Secretary General

The EUA Board

The EUA secretariat


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