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Barcelona Conference sets the scene for Quality Assurance Recognition

December 12th 2007:  Held in Barcelona over two days, the European Consortium for Accreditation (ECA) conference bought together representatives of governments, institutions, students, employers, recognition authorities, and other European and international quality assurance agencies.

The topic of the meeting was ‘mutual recognition of quality assurance and accreditation decisions’, leading to a better recognition of qualifications in higher education and the labour market.

Seven countries signed bilateral agreements that quality assurance and accreditation decisions and  qualifications in those countries would be automatically recognised. Invited to talk on the subject, ESU Chairperson, Koen Geven stressed that students desperately need a better recognition of their qualifications. Students are currently being treated unfairly; their time is being wasted and thus mobility and employability of all European students is largely hampered. Furthermore, ESU believes that mutual recognition of quality assurance and accreditation decisions is only a first step towards automatic recognition of all qualifications of students and graduates in Europe. It is vital that there be a formal recognition and acceptance of the diveristy of quality cultures.


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