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ANOSR’s updates

  • During the midway point of October, ANOSR released the results of their nationwide survey, focused on gaining information related to the development of online courses. Based upon these results, they wrote up a series of recommendations that were later delivered to public officials, universities and teachers. You can find more about the results of this survey here.
  • After many months of effort on ANOSR’s side, there is finally a procedure for students and pupils to acquire their free railway tickets online. This is a much-needed change, especially with the society being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The following issue tackled by ANOSR was aimed at the sudden and unjustified increase of the residency’s registration fees for Health Studies graduates (Medicine and Pharmacy). Another problem identified by them during this period was the lack of any effort to digitalise the process of applying for the residency. You can read more about ANOSR’s reaction on this topic and their requests here.
  • At the beginning of this month, ANOSR brought into light the confusion in regard to the awarding of free tickets to students for railway transport. Unfortunately, this type of situation seems to be recurring each and every year, however, in these times, this issue would prove to be even more substantial due to the worldwide pandemic. As such, ANOSR requested the Ministry of Transport to hasten the process of adopting a decision that would extend student transport card validity.
  • At the end of September, ANOSR, together with other youth and student NGOs expressed their disappointment regarding a new Constitutional Court Decision, that stipulated that amending the law through which sexual education is to be replaced with optional health education, is constitutional. You can read more about this clicking this link.


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