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ESU co-chairing the first meeting of BFUG Advisory Group on Social Dimension

The first meeting of the BFUG (Bologna Follow-Up Group) Advisory Group on Social Dimension took place in late February in Zagreb, Croatia. As agreed in the BFUG Meeting in September, the European Students’ Union (ESU), represented by Vice-President Robert Napier, co-chaired the meeting together with a representative of the Croatian Ministry of Education.

Both co-chairs were extremely satisfied with the outcomes of the meeting, particularly due to the fact that a clear timeline has been established for the mandate of this Group, that will primarily see the creation of a set of principles and guidelines for the social dimension by the next Ministerial Conference in 2020. The minutes of the meeting are available on EHEA website.

‘I am extremely happy with the outcomes, and with the fruitful discussions that we had at the very first meeting. I am positive that if we keep up the current momentum and level of discussion, we will be presenting a very thorough set of principles and guidelines and will be delivering on all the other objectives laid out in the terms of reference in a very efficient manner. Let’s make use of this opportunity to truly bring about tangible change in the social dimension of higher education’, said Napier.


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