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ANOSR – Students’ involvement in the COVID-19 crisis

  • Pupils, students and young people continue the responsible fight against COVID-19, by urging the population to remain safe and obey the minimum rules imposed by the authorities at the end of the State of Emergency in Romania. We have to understand that even though restrictions are being eased step by step, the virus has not stopped spreading. Thus, we expect citizens to be responsible and careful, in order to have a safe transition to normality.
  • While the whole world is focused on limiting the spread of COVID-19, ANOSR appeals to decision-makers to adopt laws that would be for the benefit of the future society. Therefore, we fully support the legislative initiative that establishes incompatibilities between the position of teacher both in secondary and higher education, with criminally convicted persons. We believe that students should learn in clean university environments and integrity should be promoted in education. Find more about our position here.
  • According to an analysis report conducted by ANOSR and published at the end of April, most of the Romanian HEIs’ admission procedures are disconnected from the current reality. The main findings of our study and recommendations for ensuring an equitable admission process can be found here
  • Besides advocating for students’ rights and for an optimal education process in the online environment, ANOSR has also focused on enhancing students’ knowledge in different fields, by organising a series of webinars with experts from Romania. Thus, we have hosted some of the main experts in these fields, as it follows:
    • Webinar on Entrepreneurship for students – how to start a business after the crisis, with Lorand Soares-Szasz, business trainer;
    • Webinar on the Originality and authenticity of scientific papers, with Emilia Șercan, who advocates for ethics and academic integrity, by exposing plagiarism in doctoral studies;
    • Webinar on The art of efficient communication, facilitated by Mihaela Tatu, former TV Host and currently trainer on public speaking;
    • Webinar on the Transition from secondary to higher education, in collaboration with the National Council of High School Students (CNE).
  • At the same time, we have organised some webinars for the volunteers of our member local unions, on topics such as Fundraising, Project writing and Students’ representation.


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