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What are the NUSes plotting for ISD?

17 November 2006 in Europe – International Students’ Day: Find out what the National Unions are plotting!

Austria – ÖH

In Vienna, ÖH is going to organise media action, several workshops, a discussion and a party on Nov. 17.
The media action will focus on the struggle against tuition fees in Austria (which are up for discussion because of the current coalition negotiations in Austria).
The workshops’ topics will be:
– Education Policy in Austria
– Education Policy in the EU
– Atypical and endangered employment conditions for students, graduates and scientists
– Norms and role models in science
The discussion’s topic will be “What should university policy look like in the future?” We invite several education experts from the left and the right wing.
In the evening, there is going to be a big party!

Belgium – FEF

FEF will organize on Nov 17th a gathering of students – as many as possible – in front of the parliament of the French-speaking government in Brussels in order to demand more funds for Higher education. There will be a FEF stand on the site handing out information about the matter. The students are asked to come with musical instruments or anything that makes noise to express our discontent concerning the under-financed HEI. FEF will also be protesting against the increase of tuition fees in non-university institutions and the privatisation of university student housing. After the gathering, NUS plans to get back to FEF office, get the students together to discuss about these and reflect upon the possible counter-attack strategy.

Belgium – VVS

VVS has been working on a petition regarding the financing of HEI’s (esib passed an external motion on it last bm). VVS will join the campaign of FEF in favour of more financing to higher education in Belgium.

Bulgaria – NASC

For the International Students day NASC is planning to show documents about the history of student day and the student movement in Europe in their web site: NASC – Bulgaria will join press-campaign of ESIB.
Every year on 8 of December they celebrate National Students day, this year for first time our organisation hold contest for “Student of the year”.The main aim of this contest is to inform the Bulgarian public about the achievements of the best Bulgarian students.

Czech Republic

The International Student Day is celebrated at all higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. SK RVŠ will participate in celebrations together with the Charles University and Hlávkova nadace. Each year SK RVŠ awards in commemoration of the 17th November a person who contributed the most to the development of an academic government, to the involvement of students in that government and who was the greatest asset to the student rights development. We consider this day not only a day of student ideals but also a day celebrating democracy and good values in the society.

Cyprus – POFEN

1) On the 15th of November POFEN is organising the biggest protest for the illegal declaration of the so called “TRNC” (“Turkish Republic of Northen Cyprus”). This protest is a join organised event with the co-federation of students of the high schools in Cyprus. We are organising a very big concert whereas, the most famous Greek singer George Ntalaras will sing for Freedom, Peace and respect of Human rights! George Ntalaras is considered as the voice of the Cypriot people and the refugees that resulted from the Turkish invasion in 1974. The main title of the concert is: Reunification- Freedom- Democracy. The other subtitles will be: One Nation- One country: Cyprus, demanding the fortune of the missing persons resulted from the Turkish invasion. This event is not an isolate protest. For instance Cyprus students’ union in the UK (having 12,000 members) is organising a march protest in London. I am including the call for its members: ‘The National Union of Cypriot Students UK (EFEK) invites all the Cypriot students as well as each friend of Cyprus to dynamically give their present in the upcoming event of protest outside the Turkish Embassy. In collaboration with all the Cypriot and Hellenic Societies, the National Union of Cypriot Students UK is organizing a march protest which will have as a starting point the Victoria Station and will be terminating outside the Turkish Embassy. The protest will begin at 6:00 in the evening.’

2) The international student day in Cyprus is called: celebrations for the ‘ POLITECHNIO’, which means in English ‘ POLITECHNIC UNIVERSITY’. On that day POFEN is organising a march protest and a concert in collaboration again with the co-federation of the high school students.

Estonia – FESU

For November 17 FESU is planning to issue a special edition of the student newspaper devoted to this very date; to show documentaries in the universities about the student movement and history of student day. FESU will also join the press-campaign and write articles about the students rights and students day to national newspapers.

Ireland – USI

Are joining the online and press campaign

Latvia – LSA

On this day one of LSA members – The Student council of Latvian University of Agriculture – organizes an annual Student day festival. This festival includes performances, sport activities, seminars, concerts, etc., and gathers students from all of Latvia. Besides, LSA will join the press-campaign of ESIB.

Lithuania – LSS

On the 16 – 17th November we’ll have a so called “LSP party”. LSP – it’s the Lithuanian students identity card. We will arrange free entrance to the clubs in 4 Lithuanian cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai) and prepare some program elements. Basically, it’s an annual event and, thus, it attracts a lot of students.

Lithuania, LSAS

On November 17th LSAS is organizing an informal students’ meeting with the Prime Minister of Lithuanian Republic, the Minister of Education and science and with the rector of Vilnius University. During the meeting interesting and jolly questions and discussions are expected from both sides.
After the meeting students are invited to the cinema
From November 13th till 17th LSAS posted advertisements all over Lithuania which call for action in the International Students Day.

Macedonia – NSUM

Are joining the online and press campaign

Norway – StL

On November 15, The Norwegian Association of Students (StL) will arrange a protest and demand more student involvement in research and more funds for research.
– We want to emphasize that higher education institutions must involve students in research to a much larger extent than they are doing today, says StL President Katrine Elida Aaland. Wednesday On November 15, StL members all over Norway will voice this demand. At the same day, StL also voices strong concern about the lack of funds for research in next year’s national budget.
– Funds for new PhD scholarships are reduced to zero. This is completely unacceptable. Our researchers are ageing, and we desperately need to recruit young and promising talents, says Aaland.

Serbia – SUS

17th of November – opening of a photo exhibition “Belgrade was the world”  on the Students’ day and also 10th anniversary of student protests 96/97 which managed to regain true results of local elections in Serbia at the time, which were stolen and forged by the government at that time lead by Milosevic. For three months (November/January), students were peacefully marching through the city and until their requests were fulfilled, the protests did not stop even though many students were getting ill from the cold, winter weather, not enough sleep but also brutal police actions and beatings up, interrogations by the secret and regular police and other forms of oppression. After successfull recognition of the power of students’ struggle for human rights and democracy, regime’s answer followed – an oppressive university act was enacted endangering university autonomy, many “inappropriate” professors were fired, most of the students from that generation have left the country and during Milosevic govern, Serbia had a brain drain of half of million people, mostly university educated young people. Still, these protests are remembered as the times when students have shown their strength and that we can change things even living in an autocratic country and being isolated by the world. The main slogan of the protests was “Belgrade is the world”.

22th of November – the main celebration of 10th anniversary of the student protests 96/97 – on Plato, the main square surrounded by faculties, where the protests started, there will be a big protest and a concert – on the Faculty of Philosophy, there will be a public debate and presentation of the publication talking about the protests – in the evening, there will be a protest walk around the town in the remembrance of the protests.

Slovakia – SRVS

SRVS – The National Union of Students in Slovakia prepared a very interesting program for students.

The program in Bratislava will start with a documentary movie in the city center. This movie is about the International Students Day – the main idea of the movie is to explain to students why we celebrate International Students Day and why it is important not to forget about it. Also, special there will be special guests – famous speakers, and politicians who will make speeches for students.

Of course, we wanted to catch the attention of the students and SURS has booked different bands which will have concerts for students. Later, the fun will continue in local pubs. Different media, such as TV stations and radios will be present in this event.

This is a short review of the events that will happen in Slovakia’s 5 biggest cities.

Slovenia – SSU

SSU will join ESIB press-campaign. On November 17th, SSU will issue a press release regarding student rights in Slovenia, and some other activities, to be reported soon.


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