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Voters Without Borders, Full Political Rights for EU Citizens

Under current EU rules, EU citizens can vote and stand in municipal and European elections where they reside, but these partial political rights are not working. In the 2019 European Elections, only an estimated 10% of the 14 million mobile EU citizens voted on behalf of their country of residence while 20% of these had managed to vote on behalf of their country of origin. Although mobile EU citizens pay their taxes, they are not full and equal members of society. They are made to feel like foreigners because they cannot vote in the more important regional, national elections or referendums. 

The Voters Without Borders task force proposes a revision of the European directives on the rights of European citizens to vote and stand in European and municipal elections and their inclusion in a single European law covering all elections and referendums. Their aims: to make European citizenship real, remove a stain on European democracy and enable full integration in host countries. 

Citizens can sign at or through the official Commission site


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