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TMF: Call for Selection Committee Members

Call for Selection Committee Members

Deadline for applying: 19 January 2020 – 23:59 CET

Notification to candidates: 24 January 2020

After two successful editions, ESU will soon launch a third edition of Together, Moving Forward (TMF) small-grants programme. The idea behind the programme is to support student-led initiatives with the aim to encourage positive host-refugees’ interactions across Europe. The objectives are, amongst others, to:

  • Reshape the discourse around migration;
  • Work with people with refugee/migrant background and other stakeholders to improve access to higher education and living conditions;
  • Work for successful inclusion in our communities;
  • Build National Union of Students capacity to take up an active role in supporting or advocating for positive change. 

A new call for projects will be launched in January 2020, with a deadline mid-February 2020.  You can read more about the programme and its functioning on our website



We are currently looking to form a Selection Committee to evaluate project applications and help us to select the projects who will be supported by TMF. 

The committee will be composed of ESU/TMF alumni, students with refugee/migrant backgrounds, representatives or staff from organisations working in education or/and refugee issues, and a representative of ESU secretariat. 

We are looking for individuals that 

  • Have experience with project management.
  • Have some familiarity with the reality of forced migration in Europe, especially with concern to access to (higher) education but not only (see objectives of the call). 

The Selection Committee is composed of volunteers.


Tasks and Workload

Selection Committee members should be available for online communication throughout 2020 as follows: 

Mid-February 2020 Online Introduction Meeting with the SC members To present the online evaluation tool and answer all potential questions regarding the evaluation.
Mid-February 2020 Stage one evaluation ESU will be in charge of the 1st stage evaluation but the SC members will be encouraged to start reading the application.
Mid-March to Mid-April 2020 Stage two evaluation SC members will independently review the project applications they were attributed to.
End of April 2020 Online meeting with the SC members to finalise the selection process

Based on the first experience with this two-stage application, we will decide whether to open the following call on rolling basis or we will decide on the next deadlines. If choosing the second option, we need the Selection Committee members to be available for selections in September 2020 to January 2021. If on rolling basis, the workload will be more distributed throughout the year. 

The evaluation will be based on the selection criteria listed in the call and a matrix prepared by the secretariat. The reading of applications will be distributed among the members of the Selection Committee. The TMF programme coordinator will support the work of the Selection Committee by providing overviews of the applications, dividing the workload between the different members, facilitating communication and sharing of information, as well as providing comments and summaries of applications. 

It is not easy to predict the number of applications each person will be asked to read each time. In previous calls, we received approximately 20 applications and each SC had to review between 5 and 7 applications. 

There is currently no in person meeting foreseen. Should an in person meeting be considered necessary at some point, ESU will work to organise one and costs for participation will be covered. 


Become a member of the Selection Committee

Apply to become a member of the selection committee. Answer four quick questions at this link. 

  • What’s your background and how is it relevant to this programme? 
  • What do you look for in a good project?
  • Why do you want to be part of the TMF Selection Committee? 
  • Are you linked to any organisations or Student Union that has applied / might apply for a grant? (not a problem, but good to know)


More Info

If you need more information or clarification, contact the ESU Secretariat at or call us at +32 2 8932549 during working hours. 


Download the call here ⬇️


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