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ANOSR: getting ready for the new academic year

Between 7-15 August, ANOSR celebrated the 13th Edition of the Forum of Student Organisations in Romania, where over 400 student leaders debated on the situation of higher education in the country.

The events were influenced by the historical significance of the centenary of the Great Union of Romania, but also by the incoming presidency of Romania to the Council of the European Union. The participants took part in the debates on these two themes and benefited from training sessions in different areas of interest: education, human resources, fundraising and leadership, among others.

Moreover, Adam Gajek, the President of the European Students’ Union (ESU) discussed with the participants about the student representation at European level and the next challenges.

The event ended with the ANOSR General Assembly, in which the new leaders of the national union of students were elected.

The next academic year is announced to be full of events, such as debates regarding the new educational law. In addition, Romania will host upcoming international appointments during the period when it will hold the presidency of the Council of the European Union, some of which directly aimed to discuss the university environment and the student’s life.

The proximity to the moment of elective processes in higher education institutions, as well as the two national and European electoral processes next year, will probably influence the academic environment. “We are convinced, however, that we will succeed in mobilising our colleagues to prevent interferences of the politics in the life of universities”, said Petrişor ȚUCĂ, President of ANOSR.


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