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The best teachers in Romania have been rewarded by students

What defines a great professor? A Bologna Professor – or a Cool Teacher, as we call him – is that great individual passionate about education, the teacher who enlightens young minds, a partner of the students in the educational process.

The Bologna Professor Gala is a traditional project carried out by the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (ANOSR), whose main objective is to improve the Higher Education System by finding those dedicated teachers that contribute to the development of valuable individuals. Every year, ANOSR is determined to identify these highly appreciated teachers and reward them for being such role models.

The “Bologna Professor” distinction is the only title offered exclusively by students. Who else could be more entitled than students to appreciate the performance of their models?

The project has reached its 9th edition, and this year’s Gala was held in Alba Iulia between 3 and 5 June 2016. This edition has enriched the Bologna Professors Community by awarding 89 more teachers, after a long process of nominations (over 360 teachers proposed for the prize) and evaluations.

Any student can name a teacher that he considers to be “cool”, a teacher who makes his studentship more interesting. Once a professor is designated, pairs of students trained by ANOSR will “evaluate” him and eventually decide if the designated teacher is indeed a Bologna Professor.

Along the past 8 editions, over 650 professors have been given the Bologna Professor distinction. Managed by various student organizations, each edition was held in different cities such as Bucharest, Timi?oara, Cluj-Napoca or Ia?i. The Gala brought and continues to bring together hundreds of „Cool teachers”, people with vision, passion and, the most important, people with a high appreciation of their students.

ANOSR strongly believes that the only way to make the System work is by encouraging every part and participant of the academic life. We choose to change and to boost the Higher Education insights by supporting the growth of the education quality. There are now over 750 Bologna Professors, over 750 teachers who are our partners and with whom we improve our Higher Education System step by step and from generation to generation.

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