Gaga Gvenetadze



Gaga Gvenetadze possesses a diverse academic background, including a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Tbilisi State University, two Master’s degrees in Global Governance, Intercultural Relations, and Peace Process Management from Siena, and Education Administration from Ilia State University. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology at Tbilisi State University, Gaga is recognized as an expert in Higher Education Quality Assurance by various European agencies. He has actively contributed to international reviews and played a major role in shaping the quality assurance framework in Georgia as a coordinator for the national quality assurance agency. Gaga has been a member of ESU’s QA Student Experts Pool since 2021 and simultaneously serves as a student representative for the Higher Education Authorization Council in Georgia. His interests span Quality Assurance, foreign student acculturation, diversity, and sustainability in higher education.


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