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Not siding in this conflict: Student representatives from across Europe discuss strategic direction of European Students’ Union in Jerusalem

29 November 2017, Jerusalem

Student representatives across Europe are discussing higher education policies and new strategic priorities for the upcoming 3 years during their 73rd General Assembly (Board meeting) taking place from 29 November to 3 December 2017, in Jerusalem. The meeting was preceded by the Seminar “Academia 2.0: Innovation, entrepreneurship and linking networks” organised by the National Union of Students in Israel (NUIS).

“In spite of what Gilan Erdan’s speech opening the seminar may suggest, our General Assembly is in no way about Israeli politics, the conflict or the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. The European Students’ Union is an independent organisation and we do not side in this conflict.” says Helge Schwitters, President, European Students’ Union (ESU) on behalf of the Executive Committee

ESU holds two general assemblies per year, with the previous meeting being held in Malta in May 2017. The events are hosted by a member union. Freedom of speech is ensured at every event and we aim to provide an open space for diverging opinions.

“We need to keep being critical when challenging the status quo narratives. Higher education should foster curiosity and encourage students to look for new knowledge by questioning the existing “truths” and pushing the boundaries of science. We fully support academic freedom and we do not accept any governmental intervention to purposefully and strategically influence the decisions and opinions of the students we represent. ” says Helge


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