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Stream now our 3rd webinar on e-learning: Let’s talk about Quality!

This third webinar is titled “Let’s talk about quality“. With 3 different experts, we discuss many topics concerning the quality assurance of e-learning.

The topics discussed during this webinar are:

  • Assessment of the quality of online courses

  • Feedback mechanisms and enhancing the content

  • Working together with students

  • Evaluation options in e-learning

  • Developing new concepts of assessment for e-learning

  • Interpretation of ESG’s in relation to e-learning

The program of the webinar includes:

  • Introductory presentations by the experts

  • Panel discussion

  • Q&A

The experts we have invited for this webinar are:

  1. Maria Kelo: director of ENQA

  2. Ignas Gaižiūnas: student expert

  3. George Ubachs & Jon Rosewell: European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU)

You can download the slide presentation used and watch the recording of the webinar:


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