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Romanian Higher Education System During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As all education institutions have suspended their face-to-face activities for over one month now, ANOSR is conducting a study that aims to face the challenges of online teaching and learning processes within HEIs. The first part of the study consists of spreading two questionnaires, addressed to students and, respectively, teaching staff, regarding the problems they have faced until now and good practices examples they can provide. Then, we will publish a report containing the findings from these questionnaires, together with precise recommendations for each issue.

  • As a response to ANOSR’s requests, the Ministry of Education and Research has approved the legal framework regarding online final exams, for soon-to-be graduates from all higher education study levels.
  • In the efforts of gathering the most frequently asked questions regarding the current situation of higher education, we have received the official confirmation that scholarships from the state budget will still be received by students during the State of Emergency and suspension of face-to-face activities.
  • Due to the emergent rise of an economic crisis as a consequence of social distancing measures imposed by the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus), we urge all higher education institutions not to put the possible financial loss on students’ shouldersThus, we fully support the preposition of prohibiting the increase of university fees during the State of Emergency and the academic years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, considering the major impact on individual financial well-being. Moreover, we call for exemption of accommodation facilities payments, for those students who chose to return home from their university dormitories during the pandemic outbreak.
  • Considering the strict measures taken at the national level in Romania, including the suspension of face-to-face teaching activities within HEIs, it is essential that the right to quality education is still respected during the State of EmergencyTherefore, ANOSR formulated a series of recommendations for decision-makers and universities, that address the following issues: teaching and learning process, administrative services, accessibility, international mobilities, social dimension, safety and optimization processes. 


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