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ANOSR’s updates: New elected Governing Board

  • ANOSR had a General Assembly between the dates of 27-30 August. The main topic of the assembly was electing a new Governing Board (shown here). After deciding on the federation’s new leadership, the assembly worked on this year’s strategy and plans of work.
  • With local elections (mayor’s office and local councils) coming up, ANOSR and its member organizations worked on proposals for candidates running for office in the cities that serve as major university centres. The goal of this action is to have public officials pledge to acknowledge education as being a priority and to support students and universities with different projects that would benefit the local community.
  • The following action performed by ANOSR focused on tuition fees for students in this new school year. Seeing as many universities will start the year online, ANOSR proposed an analysis of the new costs to run these study programmes, so that students will not overpay for their education. The clear goal of this action is to lower costs for tuition fees, in order to make up for the fact that a lot of the learning will take place online.
  • Following ANOSR’s initiative and requests during the past 3 years, students now have the possibility to purchase free train tickets online. As such, ANOSR met with representatives of the Romanian Railway Company(CFR) and signed an agreement allowing students to have access to this much-needed perk, especially in the era of Covid-19.
  • With local and parliamentary elections just around the corner, ANOSR invited several representatives of the political parties represented within the Romanian Parliament, to a debate regarding education and its national importance. This debate would later take place during the General Assembly of ANOSR, between the dates of 27-30 August.
  • In the middle of August, ANOSR came out with a public statement urging the government to come up with solutions in order to have a safe environment for the following academic year. At that point, there was less than a month before the first universities would open, and no norms or guidelines had been officially proposed.


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