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TMF Projects Portfolio: ADVOCACY

The “TMF Projects portfolio: ADVOCACY” focuses on projects proposing creative solutions to support awareness-raising and inclusive practices in the host community.

Table of contents:

  1. Student’s Group from the Belgian Institute in Social Communications – Brussels Family Portraits’ project
  2. Online Encyclopedia of Migration – Online Encyclopedia of Migration project
  3. Access for Refugees to Education & the National Union of Students in Denmark – University Tour: Access to Education for Refugees project
  4. Ecosila – Ecosila project
  5. Cast Your Voice – Cast Your Voice: empowerment for political participation of newcomers project
  6. Athirma – Nature’s Common Third: the Garden of Inclusion project
  7. The Student Council of the Second Chance School of Volos – ROUTES: Reshaping Our Universe Through Educational Synergies project
  8. Unione Degli Universitari – Roots of Inclusion project
  9. Students’ Alliance of Moldova – People behind the headlines project
  10. Polish Hospitality Foundation – Students with Refugee kids project
  11. Mareena – In Refugee Shoes project
  12. Student Action for Refugees & National Union of Students UK – Student Action for Refugee project


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