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Quest for Quality for Students: Student Handbook on Quality Assurance

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This handbook was written within the framework of a European project called Quest for Quality for Students (QUEST) with the primary aim of empowering student unions to lead discussions on the quality of education at a local level and to help students who are participating in quality reviews.

This handbook is divided into three parts. The first one focuses on the concept of quality and various review processes. This section gives an overview of different understandings of what quality means and what makes a quality experience. It also explains the process behind the student learning experience and the partnership process. Finally, it gives an overview of different types and processes for quality reviews and explains how students can become reviewers or involved in reviews.

The second part of this handbook focuses on the skills that every student reviewer should have, how they can make the change happen that they want to see, what communication skills they should possess and how they can improve their skills.

The last part explains the function of the European Students’ Union and its work in the field of quality assurance for higher education. This section does also include an overview of other stakeholders that have taken an active role in this field.


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