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Quest for Quality for Students: Going back to basics

The European Students Union (ESU) launched the QUEST for quality for students’ project in 2010 and will bring it to a conclusion by 2013, co-funded by the European Commission. The QUEST project aims to identify students’ genuine perception of what higher education quality is from a pan-European perspective. ESU seeks to define a concept of quality that gives a better answer to the learner-centred high quality model of higher education students in Europe.

This idea of a student quality concept can bring change in the field of quality in terms of transcending the discussion surrounding quality assurance and information provision to reflect the views of students as the main benefactors rather than simply as other actors. ESU has now presented a report on the QUEST project called Quest for Quality for Students: Going back to basics.

This publication presents the data collected through the first stage of the project research, which consisted of desk research, a survey among ESU’s members, national site visits and focus group exercise focusing on the barriers towards student participation in quality assurance processes. It outlines the main political and conceptual developments in quality assurance on national and European level in recent decades with a view to increasing student involvement within these processes. On the basis of the data compiled through the desk research, three countries were selected. The three site-visit reports focus on the national level, conducted to validate the information collected through the desk research. They are presented in this publication, together with two case studies delivered by our project partners, for the purpose of outlining good and interesting practice examples of where students are in the centre of quality enhancement and assurance.

You can access the report by clicking here.


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