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Belarusian Students’ Association Report: The State of Academia in Belarus 2023

Following the 2020 and 2021 reports on the state of academia in Belarus, the exiled Belarusian national student union BSA has published the 2023 edition of the report covering the state of academia in Belarus in 2023. 

The report paints a bleak picture of Belarusian academia in 2023, highlighting:

  • BSA declared extremist: The Belarusian Students’ Association, a key advocate for student rights, was declared extremist, criminalizing involvement and potentially targeting members.
  • Students persecuted: Numerous students faced politically motivated detentions, trials, and sentences for peaceful activities or online comments, often forced to confess publicly and labeled “extremists” or “terrorists.”
  • Faculty targeted: Professors were also penalized, fired, or imprisoned for expressing dissent or supporting protests.
  • Gender discrimination: Medical universities implemented discriminatory quotas favoring men for some specialties.
  • Forced “patriotism”: Mandatory military training and propaganda screenings aimed at controlling students’ narratives and values.
  • Surveillance and control: Inspections of phones and social media, forced pledges of loyalty, and threats of expulsion aimed at silencing dissent.
  • Student exodus: Thousands of students left Belarus to study abroad, primarily due to repression and limited post-graduation opportunities.
  • Mandatory work placement: The government proposed extending mandatory work periods after graduation, potentially restricting mobility and choices.

Overall, the report reveals a systematic effort by the Belarusian regime to repress academic freedom, silence dissent, and indoctrinate students, leading to a climate of fear, brain drain, and limited opportunities.

You can read the new 3rd edition (2023) here.

You can read the 2nd edition (2021) here.

You can read the 1st edition (August-December 2020) here.”


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