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PL4SD – Social Dimension Observatory (SDO)

General info: Peer Learning Initiative for the Social Dimension (PL4SD) is a three-year project (2012-2015) funded by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme (Erasmus Multilateral projects).

Objectives: The objective of the PL4SD project is to provide policy-makers and practitioners with resources to develop effective measures for ensuring the social dimension of the European Higher Education Area.

Expected results: It is expected that project outcomes will Lead to more transparency in current developments in the social dimension of EHEA; Stimulate international exchange and debate on policy measures; Enable peer learning and ease the implementation of policy measures by other countries, higher education institutions and students’ organisations; Structure the information and collect relevant reports and research on the policies at national levels, providing a solid basis for further research.

Update: Results of the project now available

Download the Final Report of the project here.


Lead Partner: Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna (Austria)
Institute for the Development of Education (Croatia)
DZHW-German Centre for Research on Higher Education and Science Studies (Germany)
European Students’ Union (Belgium)



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