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Enhancing Students’ Contribution to the Bologna Implementation


The project combines research (such as the survey-based Bologna With Student Eyes report) with historical perspectives (such as in the Bologna at the Finish Line publication) and educational material (such as the Faces of Bologna documentary film). Until September 2009, the following major results have been achieved: – A 169-page, research-based report on the implementation of the Bologna Process after May 2007 (The Bologna With Student Eyes 2009 report) – A goal, adopted by European education ministers, that by 2020, 20 per cent of students in Europe should have a had a stay abroad as part of their degree – A goal, adopted by European education ministers, that national governments should set benchmarks for widening participation in higher education – A three-day student training in Brussels, where student representatives from across Europe debated and discussed student input to the Bologna Process and how to make the student voice better heard.


The main partners in the project are student unions, who have experience in student representation, higher education policy in general, and international cooperation. A research institution (CEPS) provides advice on methodology and research.



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