BM 79: Resolution on structural changes of higher education in Hungary and the institutional autonomy of the University of Theatre and Film Arts

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Solidarity with Students’ Demands in Hungary

On the 17th of October 2020, the general assembly of HÖOK, (The National Union of Students’ in Hungary) adopted a resolution and published its stance about the implemented structural changes in some of Hungary’s higher education institutions (henceforward: HEIs). The HÖOK expressed its concerns about deficiencies of the Higher Education Bill, which does not sufficiently regulate the structurally changed HEIs. Therefore, further guarantees are needed to provide a constructive environment, institutional autonomy and the right to self-govern, that we consider essential.

Besides the proposal of HÖOK to change the Higher Education Bill and incorporate stronger guarantees for self-governance based on cooperation between the Senate and other decision making bodies, the HÖOK calls upon the Ministry of Innovation and Technology to join the students at the negotiating table to dissolve the current, unsustainable situation at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, which is equally detrimental for the integrity and autonomy of higher education, the university, students, and culture as well.

The European Students’ Union and HÖOK firmly believe that the institutional autonomy and the right to self-govern are fundamental in creating an environment, which is sufficient for students to excel in their studies and career, so all personal and political interests should be put aside in order to create the most encouraging atmosphere for all members of the academic community, especially for its students.

Proposed by: HÖOK

Download the PDF version on this link.


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