BM82: Resolution on the closing of university faculties and services due to the rise in combustible and electricity prices in Spain

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Due to the crisis caused by the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the increase in the price of electricity and combustibles, some universities in Spain have, unilaterally and without consensus with the university community, announced extraordinary measures to combat this increase by closing buildings during the evening or altogether, turning of central heating or air conditioning and stopping some university services and along with other measures.

These disproportionate and unjust measures affect all students, from students who scheduled their classes in the evening who are now being forced to go in the morning and having the lessons crammed together, affecting their ability to balance their academic and personal lives (work, looking after sick parents or grandparents, etc.); as well as those students who had morning classes who have now seen an increase of students in their class groups causing a deterioration in the quality of teaching.

Moreover, it also affects users of universities services such as libraries that now due to the upcoming exam period are seeing an increase of users or other services such as student attention, that due to the reduction of open hours is seeing a deterioration in the quality of service given.

University life is also being affected by these measures as it makes it impossible to do activities as, due to compatibility problems, the time now allocated for these activities is when other prescheduled activities are being done but also it is now the only time that associations or student representatives have time to meet, organise themselves and work.

It is therefore that ESU along with CREUP and other Spanish student representatives urge and demand that Spain’s Ministry of Universities and Spanish universities to:

  • Stop and immediately revert the closing of university buildings, faculties and other facilities.
  • Reopen closed facilities.
  • Adapt schedules to the ones before these measures were put in place to avoid possible detriment to students.
  • Endow from the Ministry of Universities or the respective Autonomous Communities economic aid to suffering universities.
  • To work and cooperate with student representatives and the rest of the university community to reach new agreements and find adequate solutions to ongoing problems.
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Download the Resolution [58.80 KB]


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