BM80: Structural changes of higher education in Hungary

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On the 17th of October 2020, the general assembly of HÖOK, (The National Union of Students’ in Hungary) adopted a resolution and published its stance about the implemented structural changes in some of Hungary’s higher education institutions (henceforward: HEIs). HÖOK’s demands are the following:

  • regardless of the structural change, candidate for rectors are to be appointed by the Senate, not to be appointed by the Board of Trustees,
  • neither the rules for organisation and operation of the universities, nor the budget of the HEI’s should be approved only by the Board of Trustees, but by the Senate as well, which should serve as the main decision-making body of the institution,
  • the proportion of student representatives in the Senate should not be lower than 20%,
  • it must be unequivocal how society can oversee the structure in general.

ESU voices its concerns on how HÖOK has been ignored during the legislative process in regard to the model change. Moreover, it expresses concern over the current deficiencies of the Education Act, since it is unable to fully provide the essential democratic toolkit for HEIs. Both HÖOK and the Board of ESU finds it unacceptable that the democratic framework of universities is dependent on the goodwill of the members of boards of trustees. Together with HÖOK ESU firmly believes that academic excellence can only exist within democratic frameworks in which it is fundamental for the students to have a voice during the internal decision-making process.

Proposed by: HÖOK


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