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On International Human Rights Day, the European Students Union calls for solidarity from students, student unions and educational stakeholders!


Alana Gebremariam (left) and Kseniya Syramalot (right), 2 board members of @BSA are among the 5 student representatives detained by the KGB and being charged with criminal cases on massive riots (art. 342 of Crime Code).

The Belarusian Student Association (BSA) has fought for more democracy in universities and society for years, while striving to increase the role of Belarusians in everyday life as well as in research and science.

Despite their efforts, BSA’s student activists in Belarus are paying the highest price as they are being persecuted and charged as criminals for their activism. This is the heinous attempt of Belarus’ illegitimate and authoritarian regime’s to stifle Belarusians’ freedoms and rights to democracy. We must not let the students of Belarus paying this high price to be forgotten. We will share their stories, their sacrifices and their demands for freedom.

How can we support them?

  1. Reach out to ESU to direct you to BSA members for direct support to exiled and local students.
  2. Read more here on political support actions your national and local unions and institutions can support.
  3. Read more here on how to provide financial support to the legal proceedings detained students are facing.


Dr. Ahmadreza Djalali is a scholar of disaster medicine who has been wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death. Iranian authorities recently put Dr. Djalali into solitary confinement and are preparing to carry out his death sentence at any moment. Dr. Djalali is an Iranian-born resident of Sweden, who teaches at universities in Italy and Belgium, and whose work involves frequent international scientific collaboration. Since his arrest in April 2016, Dr. Djalali has been refused medical care despite rapidly deteriorating health.

Take action here for Dr. Ahmadreza Djalali. 


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