BM76 Resolution: Safe education for students from Western Sahara

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BM76 Resolution: Safe education for students from Western Sahara

The students of Western Sahara are living every day in constant fear of violence, prosecution and imprisonment without due process from the Moroccan government. Even organising to promote their rights are treated as treason against the state. Therefore, ESU stands with NSO Norway in their campaign to show the rest of the world what kind of conditions a student from Western Sahara has to endure in order to get an education.

As students we cannot stand by as an entire generation of youth is being denied access to education, solely based on their cultural background and the prejudice of the Moroccan government. With no universities in Western Sahara, every youth who wants to educate themselves have to cross the non-border into Morocco and attend a university far from home, with only access to some of the subjects and programs. In addition, wearing Sahrawi clothing or speaking their language will result in harassment and discrimination from fellow students and lecturers, making it necessary for the Sahrawi students to hide their identity.

With the campaign, ESU and NSO would like to show leaders of Europe that this forgotten conflict is still affecting a lot of students. Immediate action is required in order to ensure that participation in higher education is a safe and open opportunity for all students. Both in Morocco and the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

Proposed by: NSO
Seconded by: SYL, SFS, NUS UK, LÍS, UNEF


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