BM74: Resolution on Horizon 2020

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BM74: Resolution on Horizon 2020

In recent years the European Union has intensified its policy of financing science and research through programs such as H2020. In accordance with the political positions that have been developed both by ESU and its members, it is mandatory that the European Students Union be allowed to participate actively in the creation of the financing strategy and in the governance structures of the organizations dedicated to the research as the European Research Council and in the boards of programs such as Horizon 2020.

ESU, as an agent of special relevance in the European Higher Education Area, asks the European Commission and the rest of the European research agencies for the participation of student representatives in the committees that define the funding policy in the research, in order that European students get involved and integrated into the research activity in the universities themselves.

Proposed by: CREUP

Seconded by: FAGE


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