BM72: Academic freedom within European Higher Education Area

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Academic freedom within European Higher Education Area

Academic freedom is at the core of the fundamental principles of European Higher Education Area: the Magna Charta Universitatum states that: “Freedom in research and training is the fundamental principle of university life, and governments and universities, each as far as in them lies, must ensure respect for this fundamental requirement.” However, recently this principle has been under attack in several European countries.

As representative of the students’ movement, ESU believes freedom of academia and independence of Universities from any political pressures or threats is of utmost importance in order to have thriving societies in the EHEA.  ESU asks the governments to comply with the values of the EHEA, especially academic freedom and independence of Universities from political pressures; furthermore, ESU will stand with the students that fight for the principles of an open and fair society, and for freedom of teaching, research and expression within and outside universities.


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