BM71: Staffing autonomy in Italy

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Staffing autonomy in Italy

Staffing autonomy means that it is possible for each HEI to hire their own academic and administrative staff without any external interference. This might not happen in the future in Italy because in the name of “merit”, 500 new professors could in future be recruited by national commissions appointed by the government. The so-called “Cattedre Natta” were made possible by article 15 of the Budget Law of 2016, which our National Council of Students, led by UDU, was opposed to. This threat to autonomy of Universities is becoming concrete because a regime of funding and detailed regulation are being implemented. The National Council of Students have rejected this measure again but the government have ignored our concerns. We still can make the difference and stop this as the implementation decrees still have to be adopted. ESU stands with UDU and with those who are opposed each and every attempt to decrease the autonomy of Universities and recommends that the funding provided for this measure is transferred into the usual recruiting procedures.


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