BM69: Education cuts in Denmark

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We, the students of Europe, find it very disappointing that the Danish government has decided to create historically large educational budget cuts. It is unrealistic to think that you can enforce such large budget cuts on education, without it having severe consequences for the education quality. Education is a core institution of our society and one of the main pillars of modern civilization. It plays a central role in social and economic development, democratic empowerment and the advancement of the general well-being of societies. We believe that access to quality education is a cornerstone of a socially, culturally and democratically inclusive society, and crucial for individual and societal development and well-being. We therefore believe that these budget cuts are the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot. Furthermore we oppose the introduction of tuition fees for supplementary courses. It goes against the fundamental value that education should be free and accessible for all and will create a barrier for some students to continue their education. This is both a problem for these individual students but also a great loss for society. We urge the Danish government to reconsider these counterproductive plans.


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