BM 68 – ESU stands in solidarity with Romanian students

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European Students` Union (ESU) expresses its solidarity towards the National Alliance of Student Organisations in Romania (ANOSR) who occupied these days 8 of the main universities in the country.
Romanian students are demanding a wider participation in decision-making procedures within universities (especially in the election of Rectors), increasing the funding for education (up to 6% of GDP), more investment in student support services and a real implementation of student-centred learning in all universities.

ESU protects the freedom of speech and supports the students who raise their voice in order to fight for their rights and interests. ESU sees students as equal partners within higher education system and believes they should always be consulted when decision are being made at all levels. Having this in mind, ESU asks the Government and Parliament of Romania to do everything that is needed in order to solve students` requests and to ensure a relevant and democratic participation of students in all decision-making processes, to respect its promises regarding funding of higher education and to take active measures to enforce the implementation of student-centred learning.

ESU will continue to support ANOSR in all its actions of fighting for students` rights and expects a concrete answer from the Government and Parliament of Romania regarding the problems that made students occupy their universities in the last couple of days.


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