BM 66 – Solidarity with students in Venezuela

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On 12 February 2014, students in Venezuela organised a pacific demonstration to protest the socio-economic conditions in their country. Government forces responded with force and violence against the demonstrating students. More than forty people have been killed in these protests that are ongoing and hundreds have been arrested.

Venezuelan students are active citizens. However, they cannot be the active citizens they want to be when the student population faces arbitrary arrests and tortures, especially beatings, sexual assaults and electric charges.

The European Students’ Union fights for the respect of students’ rights all around the world and is extremely concerned about these violations of students’ rights in Venezuela. The European Students’ Union stands in solidarity with Venezuelan students and supports their fight for a democratic society. The European Students’ Union encourages students all over the world to take further actions of solidarity in support of Venezuelan students and break their isolation.

The European Students’ Union does strongly condemn the lack of respect for the most fundamental human rights in Venezuela, especially the right to assemble. The European Students’ Union also condemns any actions of violence, cases of torture and illegal arrests targeted at students and other protesters. Historically, students have played an essential role in social movements and in the development of democracy. Students are driving forces for change and Venezuelan students are showing this force today. The European Students’ Union believes that Venezuelan students are this driving force. The European Students’ Union calls upon the government of President Maduro to stop this repression and engage in a constructive dialogue that includes students.


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