BM 66 – ESU calls for students participation to be ensured in further developments in Ukraine

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The European Students’ Union continuously stands in solidarity with students in Ukraine and all of its citizens that have been actively defending their rights and values. Recent developments in the country have proven once again that students are the driving force for democratic changes.

Keeping the beginning of the protests in November 2013 in mind, when thousands of students in Ukraine participated in peaceful protests to stand up for signing the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine, which was done in March 2014, ESU strongly believes that the students’ voice must be heard in the agreement’s implementation process. Both the Ukrainian government and the EU have to ensure the participation of students, as one of the main higher education stakeholders in the decision-making in implementation of the Association Agreement wherever it touches upon higher education.

Moreover, as it is foreseen in the agreement to have a functioning civil society platform, and considering the ongoing discussion between the Economic and social committee and the civil society in Ukraine, ESU calls upon the involved parties to ensure students’ participation in the discussions and further activities of this platform.


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