BM 63 – Resolution against new building regulations in Iceland

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In early 2012 the government of Iceland adopted a set of new building regulations which has the consequence of increasing rents on student housing. There is an urgent need for affordable student accommodation in Iceland, and these regulations will increase building costs by 15 -20%, thereby seriously impacting on the costs of student housing.

The Icelandic government must recognise that students are unable to afford this increased cost, and that by increasing the cost of construction, the regulations also increase rents costs in student housing.

ESU urges the Icelandic government to make exceptions from the regulation for companies that build student housing and thereby make it possible to build more affordable accommodation for students.


The waiting list for student housing in Iceland is longer than ever. There is a lack of rental apartments in general in Iceland and so the landlords are able to increase their prices to the extremes. Therefore there is an urgent need for affordable student housing and the new building regulations counteract all efforts to build such accommodation.


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