BM 61 – Support for CREUP-QA student experts’ pool

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Title: Support for CREUP-QA student experts’ pool (PE3QA)

Point of the agenda: 8c

Proposed by: CREUP




CREUP would like to get the support of ESU for ensuring collaboration with the different stakeholders for our QA STUDENTS EXPERTS POOL, we set it up, we are starting and with budget cuts for education we are concerned about collaboration of the QA agencies and Ministry of Education with us.

We work really hard for it and students participation in QA in Spain during last few years has developed nearly to all levels, we made a lot of efforts until get to that point and we think it’s still a lot of work to do so that’s why we are kindly asking you to get your support.



ESU would like to affirm its support to CREUP-QA STUDENTS EXPERTS POOL (PE3QA). We consider that the role of the student expert pool is essential for improving student involvement on all levels within the quality assurance processes on all levels.

By providing opportunities for constant improvement of the knowledge and the expertise of the students involved in the QA, the pool has unquestionable contribution for improving the student participation in the Higher education system in Spain.

We consider that the different stakeholders should be aware of the benefits that the students experts pool brings to the quality enhancement processes in the HEIs within Spain, that’s why we think institutions such as QA agencies, HEIs, etc. should support its functioning and promoting genuine students involvement on all levels.

Passed:    YES        NO

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