BM 61 – Investment in higher education should be a central policy goal for each state

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Title: Investment in higher education should be a central policy goal for each state

Point of the agenda: 8c

Proposed by: POFEN




According to the budget that the Government of Cyprus submitted at the House of Representatives, the proposed budget on higher education for 2012 has been reduced. The largest cut concern is the state funding of the three public universities equivalent to a decrease of 13.2% compared to the funding of 2011. The reductions are even greater if we compare the budget of 2012 to the 2010 budget. In this case, the cuts are leading to a decrease of 18.7%.


The ESU supports POFEN in encouraging the Government of Cyprus to increase its investment in Higher Education. The cultural, social and economic development of a country depends upon the developing and strengthening education. Investing in education and training of human resources should be a central policy goal for each state. In fact, investment in higher education is the most powerful tool in both individual and social level for the present and future of this country.


The prosperity of a society lies in close connection with the development of education and investment in education and human resources is investment in the future. This social and humanistic approach to education should be the basis of government in shaping economic and social policy, especially during economic downturns.



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