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Online Erasmus Student Community

More than 1.5 million students have benefitted from the Erasmus program but, sadly, these students often lose touch with each other.

ErasmusOne is a new online Social Network for all Erasmus students. Started by an erasmus student with the aim of keeping in touch with his friends, the idea has grown into a free international platform which significantly improves communication amongst exchange students. The site is growing daily, with extremely positive feedback.

Who benefits?

  • All Erasmus students, past, present and future.
  • Student associations
  • European students that have not participated in the Erasmus program but have Erasmus students friends or want to meet those in their city.

For current Erasmus students, integration with local members of their university is not easy. Erasmus student associations send massive emails for many events. But feedback from the Erasmus students and information about who is attending, is difficult to obtain. ErasmusOne can be a platform for social planning and also makes it easier to meet Erasmus students from other universities.

Future Erasmus students do not know anybody before they arrive at their chosen destination.  They will be able to contact veteran Erasmus students that went to their future university. It will be easier to find tips on accomodation, on how to integrate with local students etc.

Local students often volunteer to help with Erasmus activities and integration. These can be the most interesting relationships in order to learn the local language and culture, but also for the host students who might be curious as to what the Erasmus community is all about or who may be considering a year abroad themselves.

How does this social network function?

Most Erasmus students meet dozens of new people during their stay, from all over Europe. They usually have “one of the best years of their life” with these friends. When the experience is over, everyone heads back to their original country and contact is suddenly cut. Last-day email lists are lost, phone calls are no longer cheap, photos were not shared among everyone and so on.

ErasmusOne is an online community where each member has his/her own profile, can access the information that other users decide to share in their profiles and create his/her own structured lists of friends. The site is organised by country, city, university and year of study abroad.

Students can organise events online (parties, trips, museum visits…), create groups, participate in forum discussions, post photos, news, create blogs, send instant messages etc.

For more info, visit the website


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