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Newly launched free online resource for universities, business and workforce MOOCs

BRUSSELS, 31st March 2017Study guidelines, good practice and recommendations on how to apply MOOCs, learn about opportunities for the use of MOOCs and discuss hot topics such as quality, business models or certification. For more visit 

The MOOC BOOK is released under the umbrella of the EU-funded project “BizMOOC – Knowledge Alliance to enable a European-wide exploitation of the potential of MOOCs for the world of business”.

“The BizMOOC project is going to be really important in making MOOC’s accessible and understandable for those who use them- and we’re glad to be part of a project that is aiming to change the way we modernise our higher education system” Said Beth Button, ESU representative within the BizMOOC project.

“With BizMOOC, we want to encourage the modernisation of European education and generate a cross-border and cross-sector knowledge exchange on MOOCs in Europe”, said Mag. Christian Friedl, M.Sc., coordinator of BizMOOC project.

The MOOC BOOK includes materials on students/society as such. It provides very interesting results from the society survey carried out with a range of citizens across Europe including students, non-formal/lifelong learners, the unemployed and employees in a range of industries. It addresses the society in general and provides information on MOOCs in general, learning on a MOOC and taking MOOCs further. What is the right type of MOOC and teaching approach for me, are the employers aware of MOOCs, how can MOOCs improve my skills – those are just some of the questions the MOOC BOOK answers.

For Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), there are several benefits coming from the MOOC BOOK. For instance, it offers identification of needs, and gaps for the application of MOOCs by HEIs. It is concluded by the State of the Art on existing MOOC knowledge with topics such as existing MOOC quality models or issues for MOOC recognition, certification and accreditation.


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