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New ESU committees set priorities for 2011

For 2011, the Academic Affairs committee, consists out of George Charonis, Monika Maljukov, Magnus Malnes and Andrea Blaettler.  Lior Benisty and Daniela Bartolo take part in the Committee for Internal Development.

In the Social Affairs committee Karl Agius, Florian Kaiser, Brikena Xhomaqi  and Taina Moisander will participate and lastly, Liliya Ivanova and Marek Baranski were elected for the Student Union Development Committee.

The Executive Committee of ESU will continue in the same composition.

For the year ahead, ESU will concentrate on financing the students’ future, indicators for the social dimension of higher education, developing a student quality concept for higher education, and the promotion of a European student mobility treaty. To this extend, the recent Board Meeting in Israel adopted a Plan of Work, in November 2010, which sets out these priorities in detail.


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