Serbia – SKONUS- Students’ Conference of Serbian Universities

Address: Student Conference of Serbian Universities (SKONUS) Kralja Milana 48, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone: +381642728211



Students Conference of Serbian Universities (SKONUS) is the highest representative body of students at Serbian universities, regulated by Article 22 of the Law on Higher Education, for the sake of reaching mutual interests of students as partners in higher education process in Serbia, coordinating work and establishing a common policy of the Student Parliaments of Serbian Universities, and running operations stipulated by the law. SKONUS’s members are student representatives from all the Student Parliaments of the accredited universities in Serbia.

A democratic character and legitimacy are the traits corroborated by the fact that every student of an accredited university in Serbia has an opportunity to choose and be chosen for the assembly of SKONUS. The organisation became a full member of the European Students Union (ESU) in 2012.

As an independent and non-profit institution led by students on a voluntary basis, SKONUS acts as the highest representative body of students operating on their behalf at all Serbian universities.

SKONUS is committed to provide support and resources for students so that they can achieve the highest level in their academic and professional fields and become leaders in their intellectual, institutional and local communities.

SKONUS proudly helps students to combat for the best possible study conditions and a better student life. The life of Serbian citizens as students is a period of life when they enrich themselves the most and SKONUS accompanies them on that way. By promoting creativity, critical thinking, expertise, knowledge, self-development and other educational values, SKONUS strives to contribute not only to the future of each and every student of Serbia but to the future of Serbian community as well.

SKONUS acts through several branches. Those organs are the following:

1. Assembly
2. President
3. Presidency
4. Pariliamentary Committee
5. Presidential Council
6. Secretariat
7. Alumni Club


SKONUS, as the highest representative body of students in Serbia, aims to contribute to Serbia’s involvement in the European contemporary academic processes. In partnership with the higher education institutions and educational authorities, SKONUS aspires to draw attention to the needs and priorities regarding student rights protection and education reform in a constructive way and to contribute to the student standard development in Serbia.


Since the beginning of the higher education reform in Serbia, in accordance with the Bologna Declaration, SKONUS has strived to reach the academic standards of  Europe and to significantly contribute to the whole process. Selectivity in application of the standards, as a consequence of the many years’ standing isolation of Serbia in the recent past, as well as of the dynamics of the changes in information society, leads to the problems demanding that all the higher education actors – state, higher education institutions, and we students and public in general – engage in an organised and articulated manner so that Serbia becomes a part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) as soon as possible, thus investing in the country’s future and development.

Serbian students have taken up numerous important roles in society and have been the standard bearers of social change in various historical circumstances. By Serbia’s joining to the European reformation process flow, students will be institutionally involved in the university management system, teaching improvement and education policy development. It is clear that today the best results can be achieved only through responsibility and full understanding of both university and educational authorities, as well as through the great persistence of student representatives.


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