Georgia – GSOA – Georgian Student’s Organizations Association

Address: 89/24 Agmashenebeli ave. 0102, Tbilisi, Georgia

Phone: +995 322 77 29 31




GSOA is an independent membership-based non-governmental organization comprising of students’ representative bodies of 33 Higher Educational Institutions (HEI’s) 45 organizations. GSOA was created in 2016  based on the initiative of student unions of authorized HEI’s in Georgia, youth non-governmental organizations and student clubs from the capital and from all the regions of the country.

The aims and objectives of the GSOA are the following:

  • representing students’ interests and protecting their rights at the national and international level;
  • involvement in the policy of higher education, promoting the standards of higher education and equal access for students;
  • promoting students’ integration in the international educational area and maximize their participation in this process;
  • supporting student organizations and unities of students, promoting their activities and institutional development;
  • establishing cooperation with the active student unions;
  • developing cooperation between association member student organizations, promoting effective cooperation to establish this format at the national and international level;
  • developing proposals for strengthening democratic values and civil society in Georgia and supporting relevant processes;
  • promoting the level of self-consciousness and respect for the law in students;
  • helping students adopt professional skills and become competitive professionals during the educational process;
  • promoting self-realization and integration into society of students with special needs, representatives of ethnic minorities, socially vulnerable and foreign students;
  • creating equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their political, religious, ethnic or cultural origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, social status, etc.;
  • promoting cooperation between organized groups working in the fields of education and student life;
  • promoting active involvement of students in social, political, economic, cultural and sport; increasing the level of participation in the process of strengthening the state.

GSOA area of work:

  • Students’ rights protection;
  • Participation in higher education quality enhancement;
  • Equality for all students;
  • Internationalisation and mobility;
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle.


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