European Early Career Nurses and Nursing Students' Association (ENSA)

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The European Early Career Nurses and Nursing Students’ Association (ENSA) is an organization that supports and engages nursing students and early career nurses in Europe. It aims to improve healthcare, nursing education, and the nursing profession by giving a voice to nursing students and early career nurses in European politics. By addressing practical and theoretical aspects of nursing education it provides understanding and support and brings positive change in challenging situations. All work in ENSA is done voluntarily. Ultimately, ENSA aims to represent all European nursing students and contribute to the advancement of nursing education, professional development, and healthcare quality in Europe.

The association’s objectives include:
-     Promoting high training standards for European nursing students and advocating for the best nursing and health care.
-     Promote the interests of nursing students and encourage international relationships and collaborations.
-     Guide and support the creation of national nursing student organizations.
-     Organizes conferences, meetings, and educational events in person and online.
-     Collaborate with national and international nursing -, nursing student -, and healthcare organizations.
-     Participating in programs and projects to enhance the profile of nursing students, improve training standards, and advance international nursing practices.
-     Share information, news, and opinions relevant to nursing students, the nursing profession, and governmental and political bodies.


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