ENSA – European Nursing Students Association

Address: European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN)Clos du Parnasse, 11AB-1050 Brussels Belgium

Phone: +32 2 512 74 19



he  European  Nursing  Student  Association  (ENSA)  is an organisation for co-operation between national nursing student organisations or colleges of nursing in Europe. The purpose of ENSA is to bring together European nursing students and representatives from all countries across Europe. We want to discuss both practical and theoretical parts of our education, look at the differences and similarities, give and receive advice, and help each other understand the world of nursing. It is a way of stimulating each other to try to change adverse situations. Solidarity is, therefore, an essential quality within the group, and the members can benefit by taking part in it. ENSA is an advisory body and is following the members’ national policies. All our work is done by members of ENSA on a voluntary basis.

The main aims of ENSA are:

-Promoting the highest possible training standard for European nursing students, so that the highest possible standard for nursing and health care is promoted and maintained for everyone regardless of age, race, skin colour, religious conviction, gender, orientation, political conviction, social status and mental state.

-Promoting the interests of nursing students and encouraging high professional ideals among them. -Promoting and encouraging international relations between nursing students.

-Providing  advice,  if  requested,  for  the  creation  and  development  of  national  nursing  student organisations.

-Promoting solidarity work  at national and international level. In this respect  ENSA will observe the ethical rules of the international council of nurses (ICN).

-Organising an annual conference during which the annual general meeting will take place. -Cooperating with national and international nurses, nursing students and health organisations.

-Participating in programmes or projects with a view to improving the profile of nursing students, the standards of nursing training and international practice.

-Wherever possible, spreading information, news  and opinions that may be of interests for nursing students, the nursing profession and governmental and political organisations.

-Creating a uniform voice representing all nursing students at European level.


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