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LLLP: Invest in Education and Training Campaign

The Lifelong Learning Platform, an umbrella that gathers 42 European organisations active in the field of education, training and youth, has published UDU’s article on the underfinancing of higher education in Italy.

Within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Platform’s annual campaign to invest in education and training, LLLP has collected many stories about why more investment is needed in our sector and how public funding can help us address the challenges we face.

In Italy, the failure of the constant underfinancing of HE is shown by the rate of graduate students, which currently stands at 20.1%, while the European average is 32.8%.

What is needed is a serious and concrete response: the solution to be undertaken consists of the structuring of a totally free university system that guarantees not only the total abolition of university fees but also investments such as making the entire HE system free of charge.

You can read the article here.


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