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HÖOK: Medical students helping Hungarian minorities

The National Union of Students in Hungary (HÖOK) and the Students’ Union of Semmelweis University organised a series of medical examinations in 6 Hungarian communities from  Перехрестя (Tiszakeresztúr), пийтерфолво (Péterfalva), Запсонь (Zápszony), Бадалово (Badaló) and Велика Добронь (Nagydobrony) in Ukraine.

Besides continuously providing support for the students living in these regions, this time HÖOK aimed to help more layers of the Hungarian minority from Ukraine.

A group of 54 medical students (Hungarians and international students as well) and 3 doctors examined the Hungarian minority. They had the opportunity to go through more than ten types of tests (general and physical examinations, blood pressure and blood sugar estimations, etc.). Patients with abnormal results were examined by doctors.

“In this region, it is not common for citizens to go to medical examinations and this usually results in serious diseases. Probably this is the reason why 600 citizens came for the medical check-ups during the four days we spent there.” said Marcell Budai, Chairman of the Students’ Union of Semmelweis University. The 54 medical students of Semmelweis University that took part in the charity action, came from a total of 15 countries.


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