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EYF: Submit your Pilot Activities

The European Youth Foundation (EYF) supports Pilot activities, which are open to regional networks, national and local youth NGOs, and implemented at local, regional and national level. Pilot activities can also be carried out by international NGOs/networks, as part of their annual work plan and in co-operation with local NGOs.

Pilot activities are “interventions”: they need to respond to a challenge young people are facing in society (mainly at local or regional level), use non-formal methodology and have a clear local impact.
A pilot activity addresses a specific societal challenge linked to the local context in which it takes place.

In 2020, EYF identified the following priorities for pilot activities:

Access to rights

  • Actions supporting human rights education.
  • Actions strengthening access to social rights for young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
  • Actions supporting media literacy and young people’s rights in the digital environment.

Youth participation and youth work

  • Actions supporting young people’s participation in political life, in decision-making and actions at local and regional levels, particularly in co-operation with local authorities.
  • Actions supporting youth participation in strengthening effective, accountable and inclusive democratic institutions.
  • Actions supporting young people’s participation for environmental protection and combating the climate crisis.

Inclusive and peaceful societies

  • Actions preventing and combating all forms of discrimination and promoting gender equality taking an intersectional approach, with a specific focus on Roma youth and other minority groups, national and religious minorities, young refugees in transition to adulthood, young people with disabilities, LGBTQI  young people, young women and girls.
  • Actions promoting intercultural dialogue and peace-building, particularly in communities affected by conflicts.
  • Actions supporting inclusion of young refugees and migrants.

The 2021 priorities for pilot activities will be defined by the Joint Council on Youth at its next meeting in October 2020.

In view of an increasing number of applications, and in order to better match the needs of youth NGOs, the EYF Secretariat would like to consult EYF-registered youth organisations about the issues they consider essential to address at local and national level in 2021.

The EYF invites you to suggest a maximum of two priority topics for pilot activities at local and national level in 2021, briefly explaining why you believe that these should be supported by the EYF.

Your proposals will have to reflect the overall priorities of the youth sector of the Council of Europe for 2020 – 2021 (see EYF website) and reach the EYF Secretariat: by 1 September 2020 at the latest.


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