Quest – Workshop 2

Event date - 08/02/2012
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QUEST is a project from the European Students’ Union which focuses on student involvement in quality assurance.

On this page, you can read all about it: but where it comes down is that, according to ESU, students are rarely asked what their views on quality are when it comes to higher education reforms. This ongoing ESU project tries to change this by implementing Quest for Quality for Students(QUEST). From 8-12 February, the QUEST project is to hold its second workshop with the aim to empower student representatives to engage in the Quality Assurance process.

QUEST Workshop 2

Empowering student representatives to engage with Quality process to enhance and assure one’s learning experience

Hosted in Brussels, Belgium

8-12 February 2012 (including departure and arrival dates)

The purpose of the QUEST Workshop 2 is to empower you as a student representative to engage with quality process to enhance and assure your, and your fellow students’, learning experience.

Workshop objectives:

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

1. Define what quality related policy exists at a local, national and European level.

2. Critically analyse quality related policy within a European context.

3. Influence quality related policy at a local and national level.


You will also have:

4. Contributed towards the research work of the QUEST project.

5. Shared your experience with your fellow pool members.


More information how apply for this event will be available soon. For any questions regarding this workshop please do not hesitate to contact or


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