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ESU at the Eurostudent VI Conference in Berlin

During Eurostudent VI Conference in Berlin, the European Students’ Union was represented by Helge Schwitters, President, Caroline Sundberg, Vice President and Executive Committee Members: Chiara Patricolo, Aleksandar Šušnjar, Katrina Koppel and João Martins. ESU members representatives, such as the Free Federation of Student Unions in Germany (fzs), Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) and the Student Council for Higher Education in Slovakia were also present.

Caroline held a keynote presentation on why the Eurostudent report is important for ESU but also for the future of EHEA at large. As a part of the presentation, she showed some of the preliminary results of Bologna with Student Eyes 2018.

This international conference presented new findings on the social situation of students in Europe. It marked the publication of the EUROSTUDENT VI final report and the EUROSTUDENT VI database. Data shows that a real implementation of the Social Strategy of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) is needed.

In more than half of European countries students work over 30h a week – as much as 38 in Turkey. On average 50% of the European student mass say they cannot afford to study without a paid job. The share is highest in Norway (73%).

“Having a full time job to be able to afford full time studies should not be the expected norm! The social dimension of higher education needs to be prioritized” says Caroline Sundberg, Vice President, ESU.

If you also would like to read the report or know someone that actually needs to read it, check here: Social and Economic Conditions of Student Life in Europe


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