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ESU team 2010

The elected representatives of the European Students’ Union met in Leuven, Belgium, on January 8-10 to discuss and plan ESU’s work in 2010. More than half of the current ESU team were elected at the Board Meeting in November last year, and have just started their mandate.

Itzik Yushuvaev (SAC), Anna Sigridur Haflidadóttir (CID), Petri Rytkönen (SAC), Christian Bjerke (AAC), Oron Dov (CID), Andrea Blättler (EC), Bert Vandenkendelaere (EC), Alma Joensen (EC), Robert Santa (AAC), Melinda Szabó (SAC), Sölvi Karlsson (SUDC), Ligia Deca (EC), Kristine Bak Nielsen (AAC), Daniela Bartolo (AAC), Emma Di Iorio (SAC), Allan Päll (EC)


AAC – Academic Affairs Committee

CID – Committee for Internal Development

EC – Executive Committee

SAC – Social Affairs Committee

SUDC – Student Union Development Committee


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