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ESU supports Iranian students’ struggle

“Over 90 students including top student leaders have been arrested over the past three weeks.  Many are held incommunicado, facing charges of threatening national security.  These students are mainly concerned about enjoying their fundamental rights and academic freedom, ” says ESU Executive Committee member Bert Vandenkendelaere. December 7 is the National Student Day in Iran.

On this day, students in Iran are expected to demonstrate for their fundamental rights, and they may face severe repression. On Saturday December 5, Vandendendelaere spoke at an event in Delft, the Netherlands, organised by the Iranian Progressive Youth.

“The European Students’ Union and with this 11 million students ask the responsible authorities from as well UNESCO as OECD as the European Commission to react against the continuing deprivation of students’ rights and democratic youth movement in Iran.  It is easy to be silent.  It is necessary to speak out loud this time,” says Vandenkendelaere.

There is also a problem with lack of information.

“From those who know about the situation, only very few have access to information on what is happening in Teheran and around, very few have a real view on the situation”, says Vandenkendelaere.

Read the whole speech here.You can also watch the speech on Youtube.


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